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Custom Apparel for Teams

The bulk of what we do here at Borah Teamwear is provide our customers with top quality custom team apparel. We offer a wide range of products in six main categories: Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Nordic Ski, Alpine Ski and Casual. All of our products are made-to-order right here in Coon Valley, Wisconsin under one solar-powered roof! We know that ordering custom products for a large group can be tricky sometimes. Although you can always contact us with questions, we’ve also created this little cheat sheet to help answer some frequently asked questions regarding the details:

I have an event. Can you meet this date?

You betcha! Our process is a combined effort between the two of us. There are key milestones we’ll both need to reach on a specific timeline (6-8 weeks generally) in order for your apparel order to be produced and delivered before a specific event date.

What is your minimum order quantity?

5 units per style meaning if you want to purchase jerseys and shorts and jackets for your team, you will need only 5 units of each to start a custom order!

What about payment?

For new custom orders, final payment is due when your order is approved and ready for production. We print, cut, sew and ship everything right here in the USA!

Accepted payment methods:

• VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover
• Personal, business or cashier’s checks
• Money orders
• Wire transfers
• Purchase orders (management approval required)

Can I make changes to my design once I’ve submitted my order?

Yes. You are able to make revisions to your design(s) once you see the original approval form. However, the more revisions you make, the longer the custom process can take. We request no more than 3 revisions per order; any more may be subject to additional charges and can delay your production date.

Can I re-order an existing design?

Yes, We make re-ordering simple! As long as no changes are made to the designs, styles, or sizes. We do require a 3 unit or $300 minimum order for re-orders.

What happens if my apparel is defective?

If for some reason your apparel has a defect due to craftsmanship error or a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the garment(s) free of charge — no questions asked. Please submit a warranty claim by clicking here.

Can I return my custom apparel?

Due to the specialized nature of the apparel, all sales are final.

Custom Apparel for You

Here at Borah Teamwear, we are all about teams and clubs. And while we take great pride in that, we also want to show some love to the loner athletes out there. In addition to our custom apparel, we also provide customizable options for individuals looking for the same high-quality apparel for themselves.

“Custom Apparel for You” allows you to pick a Nordic or Alpine suit, choose a design and then customize it’s colors. Simple as that, no minimums, no hassle. To shop Custom Apparel for You, just click “Shop” on the top menu and the select either “Nordic” or “Alpine” from the drop down menu, then choose a product.

Art Specs

One of the best parts about custom apparel is creating a custom look that speaks to your team,club,or company. Naturally most customers want to incorporate a number of logos and other graphical elements into their design. Weather its a team/company logo or an entire design, we will need to use your uploaded artwork to create your final product. And although we can make almost any logo/art file you submit work, we do prefer some file formats over others:

What file format should I submit my logos/graphics in?

Vector artwork (.ai or .eps) – Vector artrwork is the preferred file format for your logos and designs. We like to use these because they are scalable to any size making it perfect for large or small applications. This includes artwork/logos created in computer software like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and inkscape. These files usually have a file name ending in .ai or .eps.

Raster Artwork (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG) – Raster Artwork are images comprised of tiny pixels of color. When all of the tiny pixels of color are viewed from a distance, they make up an image. Although raster artwork is the most common form of graphics, they are often low resolution and hard to manipulate if needed. If you can only provide raster artwork for your custom apparel we ask that they are high resolution (150-300 dots per inch). These files usually have a file name ending in .jpeg, .gif, .tiff or .png.

If you are unsure of what files you have, don’t worry! Just submit what you have and we can get started!

How do I get my artwork to you?

There are a few ways to get your artwork to us. You can either email them to us at [email protected] or upload them when submitting your custom order. If you’re creating a full custom design from home, check out our Art Templates page and browse our products templates.

How do we ensure color accuracy?

Part of our custom process is to send a fabric swatch of your design, that way you can ensure the final appearance prints to your approval. If you have access to Pantone Numbers (PMS), this will help us effectively color match.

Copyrighted or trademarked images

It is illegal to use any Copyrighted or Trademarked images! We will request that you have proper written approval from that company or corporation if you are requesting their images on your apparel. Once the approval form is signed, you will be taking full responsibility for the use of the images on your apparel.


We want to make custom Apparel, simpler, and our new pricing structure reflects that. Now, we offer competitive, single-tier pricing across the board on all of our custom products. 5 units is our minimum on custom orders, and a 3 units or $300 minimum on re-orders. Product upgrades may be extra.

Click here to be directed to our pricing page.


Correct sizing is crucial when it comes to custom made-to-order products. It becomes increasingly important when you need to get an entire team fitted perfectly. Luckily, we are here to help!

Every one of our custom products has its own size chart that accompanies it. You and/or your team can follow the instructions on the size chart to determine your size. Since we cater to a wide range of athletes, we have several fit styles to choose from. This can make finding the perfect size a bit tougher. Fear not! Below, we’ll explain a little bit about each fit style so you can find the proper products for your team’s need:


Second skin fit – The OTW (Out To Win) size line is our top tier, most fitted line of products. These are primarily designed for customers looking for championship quality products that are very form fitting and aerodynamic. Though our OTW and Pro fit styles share the same size measurements, know that the OTW will fit tighter. When in doubt size up, or contact your CSR and we can help! Please note that the OTW outer layers such as jackets and vests fit close to the body without being restrictive and are NOT skin tight.


Hugs the body with light compression – The Pro size line is our high-performance product line. Tighter-fitting products with tons of features! Though our Pro and OTW fit styles share the same size measurements, know that the Pro will fit with less compression. When in doubt size up, or contact your CSR and we can help! For a more compressive fit, check out the OTW fit style.


Fits close to the body without being compressive – Our Team size line is designed with teams in mind. This means that these products are a bit more relaxed and forgiving when it comes to sizing. Though our Team and Club fit styles share the same size measurements, know that the Team will fit tighter. When in doubt size up, or contact your CSR and we can help! For a more compressive fit, check out the Pro fit style.


Relaxed fit with room to breathe – The Club size line is designed for the causal rider and is our most relaxed fitting apparel. Comfort and quality combined! Though our Club and Team fit styles share the same size measurements, know that the Club will fit looser and more relaxed. When in doubt size up, or contact your CSR and we can help! For a tighter fit, check out the Team fit style.

Need more help with sizing? No worries! We can help you with all of your sizing needs!

Team Stores
What is a team store?

Save time by letting us create a team store for your team, club or event. The Team Store is an online storefront that takes the hassle out of outfitting your entire team! The store will represent your custom designs, apparel choices, and pricing. Borah Teamwear will retrieve all the order details, including sizes, quantities, and payments from each team member. A choice of batch shipping to one location or drop shipping to each individual is available.

Does my team qualify for a team store?

The team store is designed to help outfit larger teams. A 5 unit minimum is required on at least ONE core product.

The Team Store is built to capture individual payments. If your team, school or sponsor is paying for your apparel in full or with a Purchase Order, the Team Store would not be an option.

How do I get started?

The first step is to submit your design ideas and logos for us to review. Once the artwork and logos have been approved, we do request a credit card on file to begin the process. Email us at: [email protected], call 800.354.2825 or click here to get a free design!

Does a team store cost extra?

Although a team store doesn’t cost any extra to set up, we do require a minimum product amount in order for your team to qualify/benefit for this free service. Please note: A $200.00 art fee will be charged only if the order becomes abandoned or cancelled once the design process has begun.

Our Proven Process

We’ve been in the custom apparel game for a long time! What keeps customers coming back to us year after year for all of their sporting apparel needs? It all starts with our proven process:

1. Pre-order

Connect with us and share your custom design ideas. Don’t forget to submit artwork and logos and we’ll send you a quote for your custom apparel order.

2. Pre-Production

Our graphic designers will bring your custom design ideas to life! Once your design, quantity, and sizes are collected, we’ll confirm your final delivery date and request full payment to release your order into production.

3. Production

Your custom order will be precision-crafted in our 13,000 sq. ft. production facility in Coon Valley, Wisconsin. Everything from print to the final quality inspection is done under one solar-paneled roof!

4. Delivery

When inspection is finished, we’ll carefully package and ship your order for on-time delivery. Each piece of apparel that leaves our facility is backed with our lifetime guarantee!

5. Engage

When your package arrives, rip it open and try on your new custom apparel. Then love it, talk about it, write a review, and don’t forget to refer your friends and teammates!

6. Repeat

Need more apparel? No worries, Borah teamwear makes re-ordering fast and simple with low re-order minimums! Just 3 units or$300!


Our mission is to inspire healthy and positive lives. We do it by delivering quality, style, and comfort to teams and individuals with our running, cycling, skiing, and triathlon apparel.



Great design separates your team from the rest. Our design pros provide any level of design support you need.



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