Built Here. By Hand. Since 1997.

Our Story

Rooted in Passion

Borah Teamwear was founded in 1997 by Chris Jackson, an avid cyclist and Nordic skier whose passion for sport fueled his desire to improve the industry. Since its origin, Borah has become a leading custom sports apparel company in North America, producing high-quality, sustainably-made custom gear for cyclists, runners, triathletes, and skiers. We work directly with sports teams, offer retail programs for bike shops and breweries, and offer exclusive made-to-order collections.

Made In Wisconsin

We make 100% of our apparel in house at our solar-powered Wisconsin facility. This gives us total control over our manufacturing process and ensures each and every customer enjoys the best product possible.

Tested By Athletes

Based in the scenic Driftless region of Southwestern Wisconsin, we have access to thousands of miles of road and trails (including our very own flow trails) that serve as the perfect testing ground for all of our products. It’s our favorite part of the job, and it’s serious fun—but it’s also something we take very seriously. If we don’t absolutely love something, it won’t make it farther than our own backyard. Extensive research, fabric testing, and pattern adjustments are standard protocol before we release anything to you.

Inspired by You

At Borah, it’s not just about making awesome apparel. Sure—we care a lot about creating custom clothing that fits great, performs well, and looks even better. But our main motivation is the promise of inspiring athletes like you. Because we know the power of an afternoon ride with friends, heading out for the first ski of the year, and crossing the finish line in record time. And we love that we can be there with you along the way.

Our Process


Learn how your custom products are created.

Art & Design

See how our talented crew brings your designs to life.


Take a look at how we transform your design into your new favorite garment.


Follow along with the final steps before your apparel leaves our facility.



Up to 50% Solar Powered


Environmental Water-Based Ink


10 Tons of Recycled Paper per Year


Post-Consumer Packaging

All of our custom clothing is made in the USA, which puts us miles ahead of most apparel manufacturers—thousands of miles, to be exact. And by completing every step of our process out of our Wisconsin facility, we have a significantly lower carbon footprint than our competitors. 

In 2015, we installed solar panels that generate nearly 50% of our electricity. Every year we recycle thousands of pounds of paper that are a byproduct of our printing process. We use water-based inks. We print our marketing materials on recycled paper. And we incorporate countless other green practices in our facility and daily routine. 

Plus, by employing members of our local community, we fuel the economy in a rural area where employment opportunities are limited. And having our entire team under one roof allows us the ultimate in quality control, so carbon-burning returns are a rarity.

Borah Plus REPREVE

Borah is extremely proud to now offer many of our full-custom apparel items in REPREVE® recycled performance fabrics. Choose REPREVE® to help protect our land, our oceans, and our air. REPREVE® is the number-one, branded recycled performance fiber, chosen by the world’s leading brands for quality, flexibility, transparency, and sustainability. Look for the green “REPREVE” label on specially marked Borah products.

REPREVE® is a registered trademark of Unifi, Inc.

Meet Our Team

The performance, comfort, and style of Borah Teamwear is made possible through the talent and dedication of our incredible team.

Chris Jackson


Employee Jeron M

Jeron Moe

Chief Operating Officer

Mark K

Mark Konrad

Customer Service Representative

Alyssa H

Alyssa Harr

Customer Service Representative

Employee Scott P

Scott Patterson

Director of Sales & Business Development

Kimberly T

Kimberly Thompson

Administrative Assistant

Daniel J

Daniel Johnson

Marketing Director

Meet our Team - Daniel Weber

Daniel Weber

Senior Designer

Megan H

Megan Humm


Diane F

Diane Felch

Cutting Lead

Jeanne S

Jeanne Schroeder

Sewing Machine Operator

Jan D

Jan Degenhardt

Sewing Machine Operator

Marsha G

Marsha Groth

Sewing Machine Operator

Mee T

Mee Thao

Sewing Machine Operator

Heather U

Heather Euler

Quality Control & Inspection

Andrea G

Andrea Gadicke

Quality Control & Inspection

Dena S

Dena Schedivy

Design & Print

Kris P

Kris Peterson

Cutting Department

Ryan T

Ryan Thompson

Production & Purchasing

Work At Borah

Creating a positive and healthy work environment is at the top of our list at Borah, which is why we’ve implemented things like Tai Chi Thursdays, paid exercise time, and other healthy initiatives to best care for our valued employees.

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