Venganza Cycling Short Courageous Heart Design


Courageous Heart – Sometimes we don’t hit a time, a goal or an expectation we’ve set for ourselves. We may even DNF a race. It takes a courageous heart and strength to try again and to keep moving forward. Sometimes it takes many attempts. Athlete Amy Downs Head is a reminder to always keep trying. She is a survivor of the tragic 1995 Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing and Amy has lived her life to the fullest every single day and leads and inspires others by example. She is the true definition of a courageous heart. That is why on the inside this short you will find her words: “This is when you find out what you are really made of…” – Amy Downs Head.

Sized for Real Life – The Venganza Cycling Short is engineered for serious comfort and style. Similar to our Tri Short version, but now with cycling specific pad options for longer riding. The extra-wide yogaband provides full coverage compression around the waist. Venganza Cycling Shorts also features our exclusive Meta Loop system and can be combined with the Venganza Tri Top. Our Meta Loop System eliminates annoying “ride up” by connecting the top and bottom via the buttons on the front of the shorts and two elastic loops attached to the top. This combination achieves the fit of a one-piece suit without the constricting nature of actually wearing one.



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Standard Features

  • Universally flattering fit and design
  • Ultra-wicking, premium Italian fabric
  • Comfortable wide yoga waistband
  • Exclusive Meta loop system to connect the tri top to the short, eliminating the “ride-up,” during your performance
  • Premium silicone leg grippers
  • Women’s Aircore HT Pad (blue) – standard
  • Women’s Fiandre Pad (lt. gray) – optional upgrade
  • Women’s Comp HP Carbonium Pad (red) – optional upgrade
  • Sizes XS – 4XL available


Materials & Care


  • Tavolara (Italy) A fabric that offers responsive stretch and muscle compression, along with a unique internal honeycomb structure for superior moisture-transfer.
  • Zaffiro (Italy) A silky fabric that compliments Tavolara and offers a deep black presentation and outstanding saddle surface durability.


  • Women’s Aircore HT Pad (Italy) Dual zone densities and perforated foam inserts provide support and breathability, and a 4-way stretch core for increased flexibility and ride comfort.
  • Women’s Fiandre Pad (Italy) Dual zone densities and 3D shaping offer superior comfort for endurance riding. The top skin layer is finished with E.I.T. Cube MicroFiber.
  • Women’s Comp HP Carbonium Pad (Italy) Quattro zone densities and 3D shaping offer superior comfort and performance for endurance riding and racing, up to 6-hours. The top skin layer is finished with E.I.T. Cube MicroFiber.


  • Wash cold
  • Hang to dry
  • Avoid abrasive surfaces

Pricing & Shipping

Pricing (USD)

  • Plus size pricing: +$5 for 2X, +$7 for 3X, +10 for 4X

Available Pad Upgrades (per unit)

  • Women’s Fiandre Pad +$10.00 / unit
  • Women’s Comp HP Carbonium Pad +$20.00 / unit


  • This is a made-to-order (MTO) item. Please allow 10 business days for the shipment of this garment.
  • All “Venganza Collection” orders are shipped either USPS Priority mail or UPS Ground.

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