Womens OTW Spark Cycling Bib

Full Custom / 5 Unit Minimum

Newly designed from the ground up as a ultra-high performance race bib for cycling athletes, the Women’s OTW Spark Cycling Bib will surely ignite your inner competitiveness. A combination of high-performance Italian fabrics were chosen for their compressive, and moisture wicking properties. Ultra-long distance comfort is achieved through the addition of a Italian-made, Combi cycling pad. Additionally, Silicone-beaded, “Lazercut” Powergrip leg bands help keep things from riding up. Other key features include a no-sag, secure phone pocket on the back and reflective leg tabs for extra low-light visibility. This product is compressive and meant to fit like a second skin.


  • Shield Performace Fabric - Extremely lightweight, moisture-wicking Italian fabric with the perfect amount of performance stretch
  • Premium Women's Combi Chamois - Extra-long distance (7+ Hours), ultra-high density crossover pad
  • Phone Pocket - Built into the back of the bib, securly store your phone or other race essentials
  • Silicone Leg Gripper - Single-ply, "Lazercut" Powergrip leg bands beaded with silicone gently hold apparel in place, reducing ride up
  • Hi-Vis Leg Tabs - Reflective leg elements provides extra visibility in low light situations
  • Lightweight Bib-Mesh - Keep ventilated while keeping your bib in place
  • Ergonomic U-Panel Design - Women's specific pattern, designed for extended high-performance saddle comfort
  • 100% Wisconsin Made - Handcrafted by professionals in our Wisconsin facility with power from the sun


Diamond Force Structure Fabric

Diamond Force Structure Fabric - USA

Featuring a unique diamond-textured pattern, Diamond Force is an embossed matte nylon spandex tricot fabric that is used in high-performance, activewear. Other key properties are its four-way stretch and moisture-wicking abilities.

Formentera Ventilation Fabric

Formentera Ventilation Fabric - Italy

A mesh ventilation fabric that delivers breathability and comfort. Formentera maintains it’s shape and firmness while stretching and conforming with your body. High ventilation ensures that moisture can escape keeping you cool as you ride.

PowerGrip Sublimation Fabric

PowerGrip Sublimation Fabric - Italy

A single-ply, silicone-beaded sublimation fabric, used in key placements to maintain a subtle grip on the skin, yet allow the body to move freely with non-binding movement.

Composition: 62% Polyester / 23% Silicone / 15% Elastic

Shield Sublimation Fabric - Italy

Premier top-end performance fabric, designed for sportswear. It offers excellent compression, responsive stretch, and a durable, smooth sublimated finish.

Composition: 80% Polyester / 20% Elastane
Weight: 240 g/m²

Reflective Piping

Reflective Piping

Lightweight reflective piping adds high visibility to this performance garment, perfect for low-light situations.

Chest Buckle

A simple plastic chest buckle is added to help keep bib straps in place.

Women's Combi Cycling Pad

Women's Combi Cycling Pad - Italy

The women's Combi Cycling Pad is an ultra-high density, extra-long distance, crossover pad that really shines during off-road use. This high-performance Italian pad features five foam densities that help absorb bumps and provide prolonged riding comfort. Multidirectional pad curvature delivers a perfect fit and greater stability in the saddle.

Fit & Sizing

(A) Waist24 - 2727 - 2929 - 3131 - 3333 - 3535 - 37
(B) Hip31 - 3333 - 3535 - 3737 - 3939 - 4242 - 45
(C) Girth50 - 6652 - 6854 - 7056 - 7258 - 7460 - 76

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