Online Team Stores

Borah’s online team stores offer a hassle-free one-stop-shop solution to group orders. Check out our handy FAQ sheet to learn the advantages of setting up a team store and determine if it’s the right thing for you and your team.

Who Are Team Stores For?

We created team stores for groups of five or more that want a central place for members to easily place orders using their own method of payment. It’s also the ideal option for teams whose members are in different areas and need a direct shipping method.

What Are The Advantages?

  • Easy for the team coordinator to manage.
  • It takes away the hassle of managing group money. Members purchase their own items through our site.
  • You don’t have to worry about making mistakes when compiling every team member’s quantity, size, and styles.
  • We’ll handle any and all returns & size exchanges directly.
  • You can choose between drop ship to the individual or batch ship to the coordinator.

Requirements & Details

  • Team stores are 100% free!
  • There is no deposit required to get started.
  • A new store requires a 5-unit minimum per custom product to proceed (you can combine men’s and women’s versions of a product to meet that minimum).
  • A $50 setup fee will be applied to each product that does not meet the five-unit minimum (up to $250).
  • If you’re setting up a reorder store, you must purchase any three products or spend $300 in total.
  • Individual shipping (drop shipping) is $12.50 per order
  • Batch shipping to a single address is $7.50 per order.
  • Available to US locations only.

Let’s Talk Custom!

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