Our customers have spoken.

The word is out, and people are loving their custom Borah Teamwear products! We love to showcase our customers stories of inspiration and triumph. It is what drives us forward as a company. Here are just a few of the many success stories, photos and testimonials sent in from people around the world.

“For ten years, I have made sure my teams are dressed only in Borah Teamwear apparel. My team not only feels and looks like pros, they race like pros too. Great cycling clothing!”

- Tommy B

Southeast Velo Racing

“We've used Broah Teamwear uniforms since our inception in 2015. We have been impressed with the quality of the product and our designers who have taken rough, hand-drawn, sketches and turned them into awesome uniforms. We've also been impressed with customer service in both the ordering process and follow up care.”

- Nathan P

Gryphon Velo Racing

“Our singlets needed a major overhaul this year and Borah came highly recommended as the place to find affordable, good quality singlets. We couldn't be more thrilled with Borah Teamwear. We were treated like gold from the moment we reached out to Borah and what's even better, is that they ensured they followed up even after we received our singlets. Thank you!”

- Brittany H

Running for Rare

“Love the suit, feels great and looks great. Working with Borah they turned the suit from an idea into a reality!”

- Nathaniel M

Nordic Combined Canada

“The THT Kits we made with Borah's help have gotten so many compliments that I've lost count. Thanks Borah Teamwear, for making us look fantastic as we hammer out the good times, staying happy, healthy and stronger every day!”

- Peter S

Team Hightide

“Love the apparel by Borah Teamwear. We always receive compliments on our kits at all the races.”

- Keith C

Universal Racing

“We really looked stylin' with our Borah "Team Stuie" jerseys. Got lots of comments from other riders! Thanks for being such a wonderful partner with us each year!”

- Michael Jeans

Team Stuie

“With Borah, I was able to design my own race suit, which I love. The suits material is fantastic and I swear it gives me extra power when I race. I recommend all of Borah's products to anyone, that's looking for quality products! I wanted to personally thank you for making such magnificent merchandise! ”

- Emily Gerencer

“Thank you for the great lookin jerseys and even a bigger thank you for outstanding customer service! I’m sure I will be in touch next year as there’s no doubt our team will grow! Thanks again.”

- Tammy Somerville

Fall Creek Composite

"Thanks for your help as always. The ski season is over, but we will be heading for Switzerland next March as a “frogs in the forest” team and I’m sure there will be some more orders before then."

- Eivind D

“We loved our jerseys this year! Everyone commented on the improvement of the jersey material from last year. The design was beautiful and we received many compliments on them. And, as always, your delivery on customer service is exceptional.”

- Stefanie Rossman

Lifestyle Communities

““Love our kits!!!”

- Geri Keller

“We love the uniforms! We use them in recruiting. Our team loves our uniforms, they look good and help us run fast! Not only do they look good, but they feel great as well.”

- Megan Mannering

DePauw University XCTF

“I have been the apparel coordinator for CDA Tri Team since 2013 and it has been a pleasure working with Borah and Mark Konrad. Mark has been great in helping me in every way! We love the kits! Quality material, great fit, and all the items look great on our members. Thank you Borah Teamwear!!!"

- Laura N

CDA Tri Team

“Borah Teamwear not only provides superior high performance equipment, but also a first class customer experience. they've supported Project Echelon, our veterans non-profit that engages, equips, and empowers veterans through physical activity and self discovery, since its inception. Additionally, the Borah team has continued to innovate and break new barriers that have allowed our Project Echelon Racing team to compete at the highest level of cycling, taking several podiums at the USA's premier stage race events."

- Eric H

Project Echelon Racing

“Borah Teamwear was an awesome partner throughout the planning process, producing these beautiful, colorful jerseys that really stood out on the roads! Great quality. Great service. Thanks, Borah! Will shop with you again!"

- Kari T

KT's Ride & Wine

“Borah Teamwear is fast, comfortable and stylish. We’ve been wearing the best cycling clothing straight to the podium."

- Mark H

Borah Factory Team-Masters

“Thanks, Borah Teamwear, for another awesome and energizing design! We LOVE the orange!"

- Kate T

Plain Valley Nordic Team

“The Borah team suits turned out to be more than we expected. We received the best service from the first e-mail to shipping. I recommend to anyone needing suits to use this company."

- Michael R

Nechako Nordics

“Wearing Borah Rally Cycling Teamwear makes me look like a pro! The apparel also feels good, with no rough edges to irritate my skin. The Ardent Wool Jersey is my new favorite item."

- Karen Bebchuk

My son got his hat as a gift and he LOVES IT! He did the Pre-Loppet 5K in Minneapolis yesterday and pulled off first place. Wearing his Borah hat I could pick him out easily in the crowd. It's bright and glimmers in the sun! Thanks for all your help!! Love your product!

- Shari Hoffland Hietpas

For the first time, I could wear my Borah race kit. Finally, I could blow the spectators minds… Photography captured the beauty of the suit but they couldn’t capture the quality of it. It held up very well, the thick chamois protected sensitive parts, no rips, no fraying. So far so good!”

- Denes Nagy

Nagy, USA

“The team is stoked with the new Borah race suits!”

- Josh Gookins

Proctor Hermantown Nordic

“Heather, I want to thank you personally for being so flexible and supportive of us. Supporting us globally is very important not just because it makes you a good partner but it helps all of our employees feel Involved in our cycling community.”

- Andrew Setikas

Thermo Fisher Flyers

“Holy cow! Or holy pig, I love our jerseys! Nice work by Borah!"

- Heather J

“Ricco, skiing for Telstar High School, is lead-off skier for their “A” team at their big home race, The Telstar Relays. Ordinarily they wear their school uniforms, but this event encourages favorite or unique outfits. Thanks Borah!"

- Fred Call