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Thermal Neckwrap

Our Thermal Neckwrap is a thicker version of our popular XC Neckwrap. It’s made with an upgraded, higher-quality spandex blend that protects you from the elements and won’t overstretch. Plus, a breathable “brushed” micro-fleece lining wicks moisture and is soft and comfortable against your skin. This product is fully washable and reusable.

in the USA

  • Breathable Performance Fabrics – High-quality poly-Lycra blend fabric provides just the right protection from the elements and won’t overstretch.  Also, a soft brushed microfleece lining adds excellent breathability and moisture control.
  • Flatlock Stitch Construction – This stretchy, durable stitch is smooth on the skin and reduces chafing.
  • Lazercut Seamless Edging
  • Single-Ply Design
  • Handcrafted in Wisconsin – All custom garments are handcrafted by professionals in our solar-powered Wisconsin facility.

Professional full custom team apparel designed and produced by hands who care. Learn more about Borah’s full custom pricing here.