OTW Turbo Cycling Skinsuit

Full Custom / 5 Unit Minimum

Conquer your next criterium in Borah’s fully-customizable OTW Turbo Cycling Skinsuit. This garment combines the comfort and convenience of a traditional cycling kit with the aero fit and feel of a custom skinsuit. It’s made of highly breathable Italian fabrics and features unique fully opening front panels for unmatched aeration, a performance cycling pad for lasting support, and silicone leg grippers to keep everything in place. A sleek tapered collar and long sleeves add a modern fit, and two rear pockets make it easy to access any race-day essentials.




PowerGrip Sublimation Fabric

PowerGrip Sublimation Fabric - Italy

A single-ply, silicone-beaded sublimation fabric in key areas helps to maintain a gentle grip on the skin while still allowing the body to move freely.

Composition: 62% Polyester / 23% Silicone / 15% Elastic

Shield Sublimation Fabric - Italy

Premier high-end performance fabric offers ideal compression, responsive stretch, and a smooth sublimated finish.

Composition: 80% Polyester / 20% Elastane
Weight: 240 g/m²

Winner Sublimation Fabric

Winner Sublimation Fabric - Italy

An extremely lightweight, stretchy, and silkys-smooth fabric that wicks moisture, conforms to the body, and provides an extra layer of UV protection.

Zaffiro Structure Fabric

Zaffiro Structure Fabric - Italy

A black dyed, non-printed fabric designed for areas that are in contact with the saddle. This fabric is highly compressive, responsive, stretchy, and resistant to pilling and abrasions.

Composition: 78% Nylon / 22% Elastane
Weight: 200 g/m²

Full-Length YKK Zipper

Full-Length YKK Zipper

Soft and lightweight, YKK coil zippers are high-quality, durable, and long-lasting.

OTW Cycling Pad


6-7 Hours of Ride Time

The OTW cycling pad is a high density, long-distance crossover pad that combines the benefits of a multidirectional curvature with a smooth surface for a better fit and increased stability. This pad is made in Italy and features a central channel that is engineered to relieve saddle pressure and improve blood flow. The perforations on its surface allow for higher air permeability, which leads to lower skin temperature and reduced moisture.

Fit & Sizing

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