Mama Training Tips

Written by: Madeline Depman


I’ve been a Mama for just over three months now and I really love it. Ruth is a wonderful baby and I am so excited to take her on adventures and show her the world. I have had to make some adjustments to training to make being an athlete and a full time mom possible. These are the 5 adjustments that have made training a bit easier!


1. Trainer Set-Up

I love riding outside, but with a baby at home this isn’t always possible for me. I keep bibs, a sports bra, socks and my HR strap right by the bike so that I don’t waste time once she is asleep.


2. Clear Shower Curtain

This is a trick I got from my mom. Ruth is really content to sit in her chair and play with toys (at least for now) as long as she can see me. This way a shower doesn’t have to be included in that naptime and I get a bit longer on the bike!


3. Aligning the Life and Training Schedule

Because she is still so little, nap schedules and lengths are still unpredictable. I try to save intervals and longer workouts for after my husband is home from work, weekends or when I have babysitters! I aim for 1-1.5 hours on the trainer at a time and she only takes a short nap, I sometimes put her in the stroller next to me and wheel her back and forth – sometimes she falls asleep again! I also understand that some of these weekday rides will be disjointed or shorter than I like, but I am trying to be flexible and organize the week to accommodate this.


4. Nutrition

There were a couple of trainer rides that I would get on and be too hungry and have to get off the bike and make a snack. A scoop of Flow in my bottle is a quick way to make sure I am getting some calories during the ride!


5. Go Slower + Stay In Zone

I have been putting Ruth in the front carrier and bringing her on skis and as long as I go slower and keep my HR in the right zone, it is still good training! I can’t work on technique as much and doing intervals would be impossible, but it is great for both of us to get fresh air! For the future – we have a running stroller and we are getting a trailer to pull behind the bike and on skis so as soon as she can stabilize her head a bit better, I will have more ways to bring her with!

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