Team Cycling Bib

Full Custom / 5 Unit Minimum

Want a high-value cycling bib that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or performance? We have just the thing! The Team Cycling Bib is made of lightweight and breathable quality fabrics that keep you cool and dry on every ride, plus an Italian-made performance cycling pad that keeps you comfortable during long days in the saddle. This custom cycling bib also features compression leg bands to keep your shorts in place, mesh bibs for added ventilation, and an ergonomic multi-panel design for an all-around supportive fit.




Minorca Ventilation Fabric - Italy

Mesh ventilation fabric keeps you comfortable and dry while you ride and stretches with your body while maintaining its shape.

Sumatra Structure Fabric

Sumatra Structure Fabric - Italy

Responsive and lightly-compressive fabric that helps protect the parts of your shorts that come in contact with the saddle.

Composition: 80% Polyester / 20% Elastane

Tobago Sublimation Fabric

Tobago Sublimation Fabric - Italy

A lightweight, stretchy fabric designed to wick moisture and provide a comfortable fit and feel.

Composition: 80% Polyester / 20% Lycra

Team Cycling Pad

Team Cycling Pad - Italy

4-5 Hours of Ride Time

The Team cycling pad features a flat top surface and minimalist design that allows for close and continuous skin contact and just the right amount of protection. A central channel adds additional support and relieves pressure from the prostate for increased blood flow, and a combination of perforated foams in varied densities promotes breathability and freedom of movement.

Fit & Sizing

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